Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

FULL MOON RITUAL- Full moon magic can be conjured during the three day period before, the peak of the moon and the three days after. This time is used to banish unwanted influences in your life. It is a time for setting up plans and releasing old patterns. The Full Moon is a time of abundance, asking us to celebrate our manifestations coming into fruition. Perform divination and protection magic.


๐ŸŒ• Light your candle and with your intent and energy let go of what no longer serves you and your intent of what you are wanting to manifest and ask the Universe for!


๐ŸŒ• On a Bay Leaf write what no longer serves you or what you are manifesting this Full Moon and burn over the candle.


๐ŸŒ• Soak and cleanse your spirit and body before any full moon workings with a ritual salt bath.


๐ŸŒ• Full moons are a time to manifest your desires and release what no longer serves you. It's important to cleanse and ground yourself to not carry any negative energy into the next cycle.


๐ŸŒ• As you bathe, visualize a white or golden light (or whatever color makes sense to you) filling up your body, starting with the crown of your head working down, replacing the dark energy.


๐ŸŒ• After your bath, you'll be open to receive all the blessings of the universe and manifesting your desires.


Full Moon Ritual Candle - Handpoured Natural Soy Candle with White Sage, Yarrow Flowers, Chamomile, Moonstone chips, and Clear Quartz point.


Full Moon Ritual Bath - Dead Sea Salt, Organic Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt , Organic Chamomile flowers, Yarrow flowers, Organic Lavender buds, Lemon Slices, Bergamot Pure Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil, Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil, Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil, Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil, Rose Absolute Essential Oil


Raw Moonstone - Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral that is thought to harvest the energy of the moon, which embodies yin's passive and relaxing energy. Similarly, this stone promotes healing and balance, and enhances your intuition


Bay leaf - to write what no longer serves you or what you are manifesting